Diplomatic supports for Irish people abroad


The Department of Foreign Affairs offers consular assistance to Irish citizens abroad. If you need help while you are abroad, you can contact the Irish embassy or consulate in that country.

If you are in a country where there is no embassy or consulate, you can contact embassies or consulates of other European Union countries for assistance.

Help available

Embassies and consulates can be of assistance if:

There is a limit to what the embassy or consulate can do. For example, if you have been ill or in an accident, they can:

  • Contact your family or friends in Ireland
  • Help you find English-speaking doctors, translators, and medical services
  • Liaise with local medical services on your behalf
  • Transfer funds from family and friends to you.

However, they cannot pay your medical bills or other medical expenses. They also cannot get involved in commercial or legal disputes, give legal advice or pay your legal bills.

Further information about the range of services relating to the consular protection of Irish citizens is available from the Consular Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs – see 'Where to apply' below.


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